Interview: Catching up with von Grey

von Grey play at Bottletree tonight.

von Grey play at Bottletree tonight.

Shows featuring family musical acts seem to be a theme around the Birmingham music scene lately. Both Hanson and The Black Crowes – featuring the Robinson brothers – performed here recently and tonight the sister act von Grey will perform at Bottletree Cafe. The Atlanta-based quartet – Annika, Fiona, Petra and Kathryn – will release the CD Awakening in January and is touring this fall in anticipation of its release. Recently, we caught up with Annika von Grey by phone from her Atlanta home.

Brent Thompson: Annika, thanks for your time. Is Awakening complete at this point?

Annika von Grey: Everything has been recorded and my sisters and I are in charge of design and packaging, so it’s in its final stages of completion. We haven’t pressed the physical copies yet.

BT: How did the songs on the album evolve? Had they been around in bits and pieces for a while or are these mostly newer songs?

AvG: It’s all more recent. When we know we are going in to record, that’s when we focus on writing. We wrote all of [the songs] in a short time period and actually wrote one of them in the studio. So, it was all done pretty quickly and we are happy with the way it turned out.

BT: Traveling with three sisters must make the touring life much easier for you.

AvG: It’s definitely a constant comfort. When you’re in the car with somebody for a long time, being with somebody you’re used to living with is definitely helpful because you have your boundaries set already.

BT: Was it inevitable that the four of you would form a band together?

AvG: It wasn’t something we’d been planning to do. I think from a young age we wanted to perform together, but we were a Classical quartet. Our goal was to be a well-known Classical quartet. We love playing together and have that built-in chemistry. Playing together is something we’ve loved to do for a long time.

von Grey will perform with India Ramey and Lance Whalen. Showtime is 9 p.m. Tickets to the 18+ show are $10 and can be purchased at

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