Interview: Catching up with Lily & Madeleine

Sisters Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz are living examples of the music industry’s new model. Uploading home videos of Lily_and_Madeleine_HD1themselves on Youtube, the Indianapolis-based singing sisters created an online buzz that set the duo its course. On Wednesday, April 16, Lily & Madeleine will make their Birmingham debut with a performance at Bottletree Cafe. Shannon Hayden opens the 9 p.m. show. Recently, we caught up with Madeleine on the first day of the duo’s current tour.

BT: Madeleine, thanks for your time. You two seem to be a perfect example of technology’s impact on the music industry.

MJ: Yeah, definitely. I don’t think we would be as far as we are in our career right now if it weren’t for Youtube, Facebook and stuff like that. I think it’s the main source these days of how artists are getting their stuff out there. I think it’s really great that technology is able to help artists. It’s really interesting that anybody can make music and share it with the world.

BT: You released an EP prior to the release of your self-titled, full-length release last year. How did the body of material for the full-length album take shape?

MJ: Some of the stuff we had written when we made our EP. They didn’t make it on to the EP, so we saved it for the album. But most of the songs were ones that we had written for the album.

BT: Are you still wiring new material while you’re on the road?

MJ: We’ve written 13 songs and we’ve recorded five of them already for our upcoming album. We’re going to finish five or six more and hopefully have an album out by this fall.

BT: You recorded with John Mellencamp – can you discuss that experience?

MJ: That was a little over a year ago. We got in contact with him through our manager who was producing [Mellencamp's] album for the Ghost Brothers of Darkland County musical that he was working on with Stephen King and T-Bone Burnett. Lily and I hadn’t even released anything at that time, but we were lucky enough to go into the studio with [Mellencamp] and sing on one of the tracks. Our dad came with us and I think he was super excited to meet [Mellencamp] because our dad is a big fan. That was a pretty cool experience.

Tickets to the 18+ show are $10 and can be purchased at

Photo credit: Pascal Amoyel


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