Interview: Catching up with Jeff Black

Jeff Black performs tonight at Moonlight on the Mountain.

Jeff Black performs tonight at Moonlight on the Mountain.

Jeff Black is probably best known for penning Blackhawk’s Top-10 Country hit “That’s Just About Right.” And while writing the song surely brought Black heightened exposure and financial rewards, it seems similar to Los Lobos only being known for its version of “La Bamba.” In other words, the catalog runs much deeper and wider than what the casual fan may realize. Black’s music can’t be pegged as Folk, Country, Rock or Pop – it incorporates elements of all into his unique sound. On Friday, November 8, Black and fellow singer/songwriter Sally Barris will perform at Moonlight on the Mountain. Recently, we caught up with Black by phone from his Nashville home.

Brent Thompson: Jeff, thanks for your time today. How has this year been so far? Has it been mostly about touring or recording?

Jeff Black: A little bit of both – I’ve started to get back out and do a little more touring. The kids are a little bit older so it’s easier. It’s the old adage of, “I love to go, I hate to be gone.”

BT: It seems like more artists are touring in shorter spurts and spending more time at home these days.

JB: I usually will go out for a long weekend and be home during the week. I can’t imagine being gone for more than a couple of weeks. Being gone for a month doesn’t appeal to me like it did when I was 20 [laughs]. I don’t have a private jet, so I have to be pretty creative getting from point A to point B sometimes.

BT: Moonlight on The Mountain seems to offer the ideal “listening room” setting for an artist such as yourself. It’s a venue that allows the performer and audience to really connect.

JB: At my shows I talk about how important it is. From the guy who thinks it’s newsworthy and wants to write about it to the people that attend the shows and the artists, promoters and everyone in between, it’s good to see people giving suspended belief a second chance. It’s hard to compete with the entertainment that’s easily accessible at our fingertips 24/7. The analog experience of being in the room with live music is something that’s native to our existence. I know that if I don’t play music over a period of time, I get cranky. It’s as much of a creative process to attend a show and listen as it is writing the songs and singing. It completes the whole circle. I am inspired to get folks to turn off Dancing With The Stars and go downtown.

Tickets to the 7:30 p.m. show are $15 and can be purchased at

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