John Mark McMillan Enters The Borderland at Workplay

John Mark McMillan Enters The Borderland at Workplay

With the opening piano chords of “Holy Ghost”, the listener knows immediately that John Mark McMillan’s Borderland is going to be a different experience than his previous records. Using the surplus generated from the album’s Kickstarter campaign, McMillan crafted an album that had more in common with Bon Iver and My Morning Jacket than even hisContinue Reading

Holly Williams returns to Workplay Theatre

It’s no stretch to call Holly Williams a card-carrying member of Country music’s “first family.” As the granddaughter of Hank Sr., daughter of Hank Jr. and sister of Hank III, Williams is perhaps both blessed and cursed by the expectations that come with her family’s musical legacy. But Williams’ easygoing manner reflects that she comfortableContinue Reading

Attention music lovers! You don’t want to miss this shopping event

If you’ve ever attended one of the metro area’s record shows, then your eyes have certainly been drawn to Travis Atkins and his inventory. Offering a wealth of items that appeal to fans of all genres, Atkins is a staple on the local collectors’ scene. From Friday, August 15 through Sunday August 17, Atkins willContinue Reading

Songs of Water Returns to Workplay

Since 2008, North Carolina’s Songs of Water have crafted elegant and adventurous compositions that bear strong resemblance to a bluegrass and world music-influenced Sigur Ros. Their first two releases garnered the band strong praise from NPR and other major outlets. Their upcoming release will continue this tradition with even more sonic exploration and the addition of aContinue Reading